91 People Charged for Falsely Billing Medicare by Millions

Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and Attorney General Eric Holder of the Health Human Services (HHS) announced today that HHS has filed charges against 91 people from seven US cites for Medicare fraud amounting to 430 million dollars.
Among people being charged were doctors, nurses and certified health care professionals who are charged of filing false bills and other dishonest schemes.

Attorney General Holder of HHS said that they have come across prevalent illegal type of scheme to steal billions of dollars from taxpayer for personal gain committed by persons trying to exploit health care federal programs. These individuals are trying to siphon valued taxpayer resources by increasing the cost of health care, and endangering the stability of the Medicare program. They have exploited the resources from the most helpless members of society, including seniors, PWD and the poor Americans.

HHS Secretary Sebelius said that the arrest is warning the criminals that they would be arrested for wanting to steal from Medicare. The laws from health care have provided new tools to combat fraud and to make Medicare stronger. The HHS has also been given new authority from health care to cease future payments to several health care providers suspected of fraud.

Indictments have been distributed across the country, giving people the chance to turn themselves in or surrender. Charges filed against them included over $230 million lost in home health care fraud, about $100 million lost in defrauding mental health care and covering at least $49 million lost in ambulance fraud – aside from these, there were other charges worth millions of dollar lost in various types of frauds.

About 30 health care providers are facing administrative actions or suspension after inspectors discovered credible evidence of fraud. The Affordable Care Act gave the HHS the authority to cease payments until an investigation has been resolved.

A multi-agency force of federal, local and state prosecutors and investigators was created by the HHS Medicare Fraud Strike Force and the Department of Justice to combat fraud in Medicare by utilizing its data analysis techniques. This take own force are made up of a combination of 500 enforcers of the law from the FBI, from HHSOIG, several Medicaid Fraud Control Units, and other local and state enforcement agencies.

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Link – http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/251158.php