After fall at work, woman loses 20 years of her memory

Most stories about slips and falls at work are often concentrated on the physical trauma suffered by the victim. But in this particular case, a brain injury from a workplace fall has had an unimaginable effect on a woman.

A slip and fall victim, Kay Delaney, actually 55, wakes up every morning thinking she’s still 34 years old.

She suffered a brain injury a year ago from a fall while employed in a company in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, England, which resulted in erasing 20 years of her memory.

She suffers is suffering from a case known as retrograde amnesia. Due to the disorder, she cannot recall the birth and entire life of her youngest child who is now 20; cell phones and personal computers (much less common in 1991 compared to today); how to make tea or coffee, and most of all the lives of her two older children whom she remembers were two and six years old, even though today they are now adults.

On July 25, 2011, Delaney slipped and hit her head which caused her to suffer a minor traumatic brain injury. She suffered from amnesia, short-term memory problems, anxiety and concentration issues.

But there was one unexplainable memory from her past which surfaced in a bizarre fashion. Her long-term partner, Robert, reported that one night Delaney woke up in the middle of the night and sang the entire “No Regrets” by Edith Piaf in French, even though she doesn’t speak French. And at the end of the repertoire, Robert said that Delaney even held her arms out to thank the audience.

Now she is always exposed to a vast amount of home sticky notes which describes in details her life and she is also provided a step-by-step direction for her basic routines. The notes are intended to help her awaken memories, but doctors are doubtful that  she will be able to do so.

Delaney felt her life is shattered. She was gainfully employed and scheduled to be promoted at the time of the fall. Now she is incapable of working and Robert cannot look after her full-time.

In cases of amnesia, some forget a few hours leading up to a brain injury while others just forget bits and pieces of their lives before their accidents. In many instances, people remember parts but not all, of their forgotten memories.

In the case of Delaney, it may not be unique, but it is considered so much more extraordinary. The seriousness of the brain injury may not only be related to the amount of memory loss.

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