Demilec, Masco Liable For Toxic Insulation, Homeowners Say

Many homeowners and residents used Demilec spray polyurethane foam (SPF) which is applied as insulation to walls, attics and similar spaces.
This spray foam insulation is manufactured by Demilec LLC and building products giant Masco Corporation. Now both manufacturer and distributor are subject to a case filed in the Florida federal court Friday alleging that the product contains toxic insulation.
Aside from these two, Builder Services Group Inc. and Hovnanian Enterprises Inc., are also part of the damage suit due to their role in the delivering, designing, distributing, importing, inspecting, installing labeling, manufacturing, marketing, procuring, selling or supplying of products that are allegedly problematic containing spray polyurethane foam insulation.

The use of Demilec product is health risk with dire consequences, as it was proven that after its installation high exposure to spray polyurethane foam insulation can result to eye, skin, and throat irritation, including breathing and respiratory problems. It has also been alleged that installing Demilec products can be damaging to property.

The only option for many homeowners is to remove completely the product where the Demilec spray was used which can be very difficult and expensive for property owners. But consumers whose property was treated with spray polyurethane foam insulation (SPF) manufactured by Demilec can take legal recourse and be paid for damages. A class lawsuit has been filed against Demilec and other related companies selling the product.

Polyurethane spray foam insulation exudes toxic fumes that destroys not only property but also leads to health problems for homeowners after it has been applied to their walls, attics and similar spaces. The law suit demands compensating property owners for damages that will include the cost and expenses incurred in seeking remedy for such risks.

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