Elderly Woman Assaulted While Nursing Home Worker Dresses Her

Nursing homes are not even places safe from sexual predators. Maybe you consider a nursing home safe and sound for your beloved elderly kin; it is not for sexual harassment can occur in these environments as well. A male nursing home worker assaulted his 74 year-old female ward while he was dressing her. He was later investigated and then arrested

A nursing administrator witnessed that he was pinching the elderly woman’s breast while he was dressing her for the night. The nursing home administrator fired the worker as the facility does not tolerate such misconduct. Unluckily, the 20-year-old nursing home worker was out of jail by posting a $15,000 bond.

The elderly woman who was the object of the sexual assault has to live with the emotional trauma while this sex pervert is giving his free. It is unfortunate that this elderly patient experienced such traumatic ordeal in the environment she construed to be safe with people she could trust. For a senior, a nursing home is the last place that he/she lives and expects employees to have high standard of care.

It is not even known that this man who committed the perversion had committed such misconduct in the past with other residents. Nursing homes must be careful in hiring home workers, not merely based on their experiences; but must conduct a background check-up of each applicant. This haven for the elderly might be responsible for any negative emotional unsavory experience affecting the elderly under their care.

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